Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An exciting Planetary Annihilation match from some new players. Some annoying bugs where units weren’t firing at nearby buildings.

Lessons (spoilers)

Great raiding by both sides. Busyeric keps on sending small groups of 3-5 tanks and bots to raid unprotected sides and then when darktom77’s defensive units were out dealing with those attacks, Busyeric’s main force came up front. Really shows the strength of bots.

Nice usage of bombers for defense by busyeric.

If your base is within pelter range of your opponent, build pelters! You’ll get free building kills without losses and pelters can cause decent damage against large groups of enemies.

Zaphodx had great advice. If you’re going to lose your main base and are having to build a proxy base, spam power at your proxy base.

Good job by darktom77 by not giving up and having a last hoorah – too bad it wasn’t enough.