Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Always good to see Planetary Annihilation matches from new players. choromakolo had a little bit of a slow start. He picked it up with a pelter creep strategy. While easily counterable and he left himself EXTREMELY vulnerable, he did an effective job with it.

Lessons (spoilers)

Don’t forget anti-nuke defense!

He should have built a factory sooner. He also had positive economy with idle factories and fabricators way too much. It’s evident by when he scouted his opponent, his opponent had a much larger base with many more factories. If you have a steadily positive economy, build more fabricators or factories and get them producing.

If you’re attacking a hardened defense line, don’t march up and stop. A great way to shred a defense line is to flank it, or get your units, ideally bots, past the walls. The key is to keep your units moving.

The way to counter someone with no army and is doing nothing but a pelter creep is to hit the pelters and/or fabricators with bombers (not one at a time, too easily taken out by anti-air), or to flank. Likely his entire backside is completely undefended – like in this case. mypetkiwi could have expanded far out back and sent his units and bombers to attack choromakolo’s backside and easily won the match. choromakolo didn’t build any units, he didn’t scout – he just used pelters. Attack the backside and the match is easily won. Lobbers or Catapults can also work well. If you do build catapults or lobbers, make sure they have plenty of defenses – particularly anti-air.