Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An excellent Planetary Annihilation match between two very skilled players. An excellent back and forth match with both sides taking heavy losses.

Lessons (spoilers)

Turrets are great to put at your metal expansions. So are factories. Factories at your metal expansions allow you to better defend your expansions, recover from attacks, and stage flanking attacks much easier. Radars or patrolling scouts or fighters are also very helpful to give yourself forewarning of an incoming attack.

Being the first one to have T2 can give yourself a big advantage. Having T2 as a hidden trump card can also be nice. Don’t reveal T2 until you need to. This match really shows how powerful T2 is.

Attacking from multiple sides at once is more effective than one side at the same time. Near impossible to losslessly counter. Keeps your opponent reacting rather than pushing.

If your commander is under attack, get units and/or buildings inbetween your commander and the attackers.

Man, I have never seen a commander with so little health.