Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

This was a really fun Planetary Annihilation match, despite the few glitches. A crap ton of Levelers used – yes, that is the actual scientifically recognized term for lots of Levelers in a Planetary Annihilation match. This many levelers results in lots of glorious explosions. Throughout the entire match, both players did a great job of attacking on all sides – very difficult to do, which shows the skill of irontony and clopse. Even though Planetary Annihilation crashed, it was still a fairly clear win.

Great commentary from zaphodx, like always.

Lessons (spoilers)

Always keep attacking. The longer the game goes, the greater the advantage you have by slowly wearing down your opponent. The best way to out produce your opponent is to keep him from building up his production power and economy.

Leveler spam > Ant spam. Late game, stop building T1 land factories and build T2 factories.

Don’t rely entirely on Levelers. Adding some Shellers to the mix can cause lots of destruction against your opponent’s base.

Have radar on all sides of your base. This increases the effectiveness of levelers and gives you a heads up if you’re about to be surprised.

When raiding, often it’s better to skirt around the outside of a base rather than charge in. This will allow you to cause more damage than if you charge in and get attacked by your opponent.

Early bombing raids seem to become a common tactic. Be ready for them – Spinners are great for that. If your opponent is ready to counter your early bombers, go for the expansion fabricators on the edges of the base. Less likely to run into combat units.

Building a turret or two at your outlying expansions can prevent losing them. It wouldn’t take a very large force to take it out, but it’ll prevent a group of 4 Ants crippling your economy. Besides, 1 tower with a wall can be very destructive.

Keep your levelers behind your ants. They have longer range and your ant meat shield can keep your levelers alive, all around increasing the effectiveness of your combat group.

T2 bombers can be a fantastic surprise for your opponent. If at all possible, keep your T2 bombers and T2 air factories hidden.

Wow. Lots of things to learn from this Planetary Annihilation match. Really enjoyed it.