Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A 1v1 Planetary Annihilation match on a fairly large planet, so it starts out slow. Nice usage of bots for raiding, with nice micro. Lots of metal on this large map, enabling large economies for both players, for large armies and lots of explosions. It’s lots of fun watching different strategies in action – in this case, bots from masterofroflness.

Lessons (spoilers)

Levelers have longer range than ants. Use that to your advantage. Don’t send your levelers headlong into an Ant blob. Move them forward, and then pull them back so they stay out of range of the Ants. Also, put other units in with your Leveler blob so they soak up damage.

Go on the offensive. You can have more units than your opponent, but if you don’t chip away at their economy and manufacturing power, you won’t win.

Nicely executed bomber snipe by irontony. Tech 1 bombers are faster than T2 bombers, and he did a nice job using fighters to come in and clear the air first. On the flip side, have lots of anti air.