Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

I like this after action style of Planetary Annihilation match video. We get to see everything that’s going on and watch the match at a faster speed. It also lets JudicatorOfGenocide focus entirely on commentating, since playing and commentating is a bit of a challenge.

The match sports an (slightly) improved version of JudicatorOfGenocide‘s Spear Head strategy.

Lessons (Spoilers)

The scout planes circling the edges of his base is an excellent strategy. You know where you opponent is expanding to so you can cut off any expansions.

When fighting a turtle, hitting their economy should be your primary offensive focus. They won’t have access to a very strong economy, and in the future when Planetary Annihilation bugs are fixed, things like bombers, catapults, lobbers, etc, will all have an economic drain. So turtles won’t have the economy to support their turtling techniques.

Advanced units are incredibly important in breaking turtles.

Turtles often will have nuke defense. So try and scout them before using nukes to see if they have anti-nukes. If they don’t have anti-nukes, hit the densest part of their economy. T2 energy fields make great targets. If they do have anti-nukes, try hitting their outlying defenses. Often those won’t be protected by anti-nukes, and if they are, the anti-nuke very well may miss. This will open a hole in their defensive line that you could push through. Or, you could build 4 nukes and launch all of them at once.

JudicatorOfGenocide had a strong offense, but a weak economy. If his army were to be defeated and then he was counter attacked, he wouldn’t have the economy to pump out a counter or recover from an economy loss. This could be easily mitigated by more fabricators focusing on economy expansion, particularly early into the match.