Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A nice Planetary Annihilation match. Lots of expansion, bmassiveig armies, and lots of action. First time seeing Pudding Munch on PA Matches and he did well, keeping JudicatorOfGenocide on his toes and constantly attacking on multiple sides.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Pretty impressive early expansion from both players.

Never let attacking bots stand still. They take so many losses when standing still.

Pudding Munch didn’t build enough advanced units early enough. The longer the game drags on, the greater advantage the more powerful units get. However, using nukes in place of Advanced units worked out very well for Pudding Munch. Excellent job nuking armies.

Sometimes you need to sacrifice parts of your base to an attacking army and throwing your army at the enemy even though he has an army in your base. By making such a sacrifice, you can attack an undefended enemy.

The best Nuclear Missile strike I’ve ever seen. Nothing you can do to defend against that since Anti-nukes aren’t mobile.

JudicatorOfGenocide had a pretty positive economy there for a bit. He needed to build Anti-Nukes, more fabricators, and more factories, particularly advanced factories to use the positive economy.