Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A large map for a 1v1 Planetary Annihilation match. A rough economical start for masterofroflness, but since it’s a large planet, that’s pretty alright. Large planets are awesome. The extra space and lots of metal spots make for massive armies with lots of explosions. What’s a Planetary Annihilation match without lots of explosions?

Lessons (spoilers)

On large maps, constant scouting and radar coverage is very important. If your army is on the other side of your large base and you get attacked on the unguarded side, you can take a huge hit. Putting scout planes on patrol around the perimiter of your base is a good technique, particularly before you get into T2 and T2 radar.

Large planets are where bots can shine in Planetary Annihilation. Their speed allows you to have lots of quick succession raids and it’s feasible to send them around the other side of the planet.

An army of bots and a squadron of bombers in reserve can be great for defending from a surprise attack.

cosmos6173 did not expand at all and put resources into defenses, which are near pointless on such a large map, particularly when he didn’t know where masterofroflness was.

Never stop expanding your economy.