Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A good Planetary Annihilation match, with commentary from judicatorofgenocide for the first time. A bit choppy, but it’s new – so it’s too be expected. I did like the freecam work though. Planetary Annihilation is an awesome looking game.

Lessons (spoilers)

Surprisingly early T2 from locrian. Going for early T2 can give you some tech advantage, but you drastically fall behind in unit production. Generally, early unit production is better than early tech. If you go for the early Tech 2, you gotta use it! You can’t win by staying in your base. locrian’s attacks would have been much more effective if he had used his Levelers with his Ants.

locrian had a stagnate economy. You have to be constantly expanding your economy and production in order to win.

Opening with air fabricators is not a good idea. Currently, air fabricators should only be used for T2 production or building in difficult to get to places.

Very nice multi prong Leveler attacks from locrian.