Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another Planetary Annihilation match on the kick ass metal planets. The match opens with Godde’s trademark fabricator sniping. Unfortunately it wasn’t as effective as normal. The action slows down for a little but soon enough.

Lessons (spoilers)

Mot9001 did a great job countering Godde’s early Bumblebee harassment. He set up early fighters and had them patrolling around his expansion areas. Great move.

Metal planets are excellent for choke points. Setting up a small handful of turrets at choke points can easily protect your metal expansions from small raiding parties. They also can be used as fall back points to have an advantage to take out attackers.

In this Planetary Annihilation match we clearly see the reason why Godde is one of the best Planetary Annihilation players. Economic expansion. Godde builds a ridiculous amount of economy. That allows him to power impressive amounts of factories.

Godde had the match. But he over extended his commander and died. If he had pulled his commander back to the center of his base, he would have won the match.