Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

That’s no moon… that’s a Planetary Annihilation battleground! Yeah, sorry, that was bad…

An extremely close quarters Planetary Annihilation match on a very slow moon. Nice micro with those early bots. While normally going for ratar that early isn’t a good idea, it almost was a good idea with how small the map is. I mean seriously, that radar covered literally half of the moon!

Lessons (spoilers)

Nice early harassment by those bots – though it was moreso an annoyance than any actual damage. Keep bots moving! Always!

Those early bombers probably should have gone for the economy rather than the laser tower. Hits to your economy in the opening few minutes are extremely destructive.

Pelters when bases are close together and small planets are very devastating. When that pelter went up and started firing, the match was pretty much over. It could shoot at a large portion of the enemy base without any losses.

ruggedhunter went for T2 WAY too soon. He put all of his resources into T2 and subsequently, he didn’t expand at all – any expansion that would have happened would have been way too late. Yes, catapults are nice, and T2 economy buildings are nice, but you have to expand early on.