Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A very nice Planetary Annihilation match. gunshin had a metal advantage early on, and he did a great job with his early bombing. Very nice early on raiding from gunshin, with good counters from neptunio. Both players are excellent 1v1 players, which shows with their supherb multi tasking and raiding on multiple sides. Both players managed to keep advantages very back and forth.

Lessons (spoilers)

This is a perfect example of using bombers to suppress your opponent early on. Good job from neptunio to take down that bomber. Gunshin possibly should have followed up with an attack of 2 or 3 bombers. Take out the anti air, and then continue to harass the fabricators.

Radar coverage gives levelers an advantage. And radars are cheap and fast to build. Use them to increase the effectiveness of your army and keep an eye on your enemy.

Putting up a lone ground and anti-air turret at key mass points can keep your opponent from taking your mass points with a single engineer or two tanks.

Getting some forward defensive lines with radar, turrets, walls, and pelters can give you a huge advantage when defending the front lines. The walls and defenses will also give you an advantage even with less units (provided you micro right), which will free up more units to do constant raiding and flanking.

Late game, don’t every start building T2 factories.

Ultimately, gunshin’s continued raiding on all sides won the match. He kept neptunio’s expansions suppressed while expanding himself, with allowed him to obtain map control and a stronger economy.