Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

I was very impressed by neptunio in this Planetary Annihilation match. His commentary provided some very nice insight into his strategies and choices – very insightful. Also some very impressive bomber micro. Some exciting commander fighting as well.

Lessons (spoilers)

Keep a balanced economy! This is arguably the hardest part of Planetary Annihilation. Mount up long queues for your fabricators, so you can focus on fighting while they continue to

Getting hit by a small early attack force? Use your commander to drive them off. He has a lot of health and can do a great job of driving off early raiders. But be careful to not over extend your commander. Ideally, keep units or buildings inbetween the enemy and your commander, so they soak up the damage rather than your commander.

Don’t forget you can heal your commander. If you use him to mount an attack,

If you’re fighting on one side of the base, that’s often the best time to counter attack. Your opponent will be caught up in the main fight and won’t notice his base is half gone – it’s also harder to mount a counter attack.