Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

This is an interesting Planetary Annihilation match on a potato of a moon. Provides a good lesson on expansion vs turtling and the effectiveness of pelters. Expand, produce a shit ton of units, and expand.

Lessons (spoilers)

The standard build order is standard for a reason. It allows you to build the most units in the fastest and most efficient manner. You can have very effective defenses, but if you don’t control the map and resources, your opponent will out produce you and overwhelm your defenses.

Walls are overpowered and effective. If you build static defenses, put a wall (gentleman’s rules) in front of your defensive structures. It will greatly improve the effectiveness of your defenses.

Up against a strong defensive line? Use shellers. They deal massive amounts of damage and have huge range and are incredibly effective against buildings. They also do a decent job against large blobs of units if you micro the shellers to keep range.