Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

To be honest, the only cool thing about this Planetary Annihilation match is seeing a metal planet.

This was a rather slow Planetary Annihilation match on a REALLY buggy metal planet. It looks really difficult to move around and there aren’t very many metal spots. The planet itself is pretty buggy, but kinda cool looking nonetheless. Really looking forward to when Uber gets metal planets fully functioning. The unique terrain features will create some unique challenges.

If you’re on a planet made out of metal… why do you need to place metal extractors on metal spots? Shouldn’t they just be able to harvest away at the surface of the planet? Hmm…

With this map, it seems that land units don’t have access to the entirety of the map. Which will create some very interesting challenges when metal planets are playable.

Definitely a Planetary Annihilation match you want to skip forward on.

Lessons (spoilers)

Not much to learn from such a buggy match… Working with very few resources is quite the challenge.

This match does show a good use for air fabricators. When you can’t get ground fabricators somewhere, air fabricators are the only way to go.