Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another excellent addition to the Ikon Gaming Planetary Annihilation tournament. Takes a little bit of time for the action to get started, but picks up quickly. Explosions! Lots of glorious explosions.

Lessons (spoilers)

At the start of the game, it’s generally better to have your fabricators assist each other rather than build two different of the same thing – factory, metal, energy, whatever.

If you’re next to a lake, take control of the lake! It’s free metal that can’t be attacked without invading the lake. What’s more, if your opponent were to build in that lake, you’d be in big trouble. Besides, having a few Bluebottles can really help with base defense.

Don’t attack the same point every time – especially if it’s heavily defended. You’re better off attacking varying sides – especially if you attack multiple sides at once.

If you never go on the offensive, you’ll never win. You’ve got to be expanding and attacking and gaining map control in order to win. If you’re always defending and losing buildings, while your opponent is expanding, attacking, and building new buildings, you’ll never win.

If you’re having a difficult time attacking a well guarded base, put more emphasis on T2. Levelers and Slammers and/or Shellers and Stompers can make extremely short work of even hardened defenses.

energydl (black) had the match. He had the production power, the economy, the forces, everything. He could have easily won the match if he had been better coordinated. Having units rally within catapult range, and then using only T1, and constantly attacking the same heavily defended spot will not work well for you.

T2 dominates T1.