Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An exciting Planetary Annihilation match from some experienced players with lots of raiding. Unfortunately there’s a few minutes of nothing at the beginning of the video. Just skip forward. First time seeing commentary from Greppy – always nice to see new Commentators or Players. Unfortunately there’s a bit of background noise, but it isn’t too bad.

An unfortunate bug where Greppy’s commander stuck around even after self destructing.

I love how friendly the Planetary Annihilation community is turning out.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Opening with an Air Factory and Bumblebees generally isn’t the greatest idea. You delay how long it takes for fabricators to start expanding and often enemy fabricators haven’t left the inside of the base yet, so the attacking bumblebees will quite often get shot down. If you want to do some early bombing, which is a great strategy, try and catch unprotected fabricators on the outskirts of the base. You’l be more likely to catch them unguarded and cause more harm to your opponent.

Building forward vehicle factories is an excellent way of defending your expansions and reducing the travel time of attacking vehicles since they’re so slow. A good counter to such expansions are Pelters – just remember that Pelters need Radar coverage!

Excellent job by WPMarshall to flank and attack duhreaper’s unprotected metal expansions. It’s generally a good idea to build Laser Defense Towers at the expansions to help keep them protected.

When the match is pretty even, generally it’s good to avoid your opponent’s Commander and hurt your opponent’s economy and production value to give yourself an advantage. If you don’t successfully destroy the commander, then you’ve just wasted your units and the commander will just repair himself.

Don’t forget to scout late game! This will give you an advanced warning if your opponent is going for a bomber snipe with Hornets, or building Nukes, or has an unprotected side.

Pelters, Levelers, Shellers, are excellent at destroying defensive lines, even if there are walls, due to their excellent range.

If you go for the bomber snipe, you MUST use fighters to intercept enemy fighters and absorb anti-air. If the commander is near the edge of the base, then pairing the bombers with bots is a good way to double whammy it.