Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A good Planetary Annihilation match on one of the new lava planets. Kinda weird that they’re able to build on lava. Some unfortunate priority bugs where units won’t fire at the enemy buildings they’re standing next to. And of course, buggy Chrono Cam.

I don’t know why Petard kept on calling Scampers Doxes. They’re not Doxes. The T1 attack bot is called a Scamper.

Lessons (spoilers)

Xefor did an excellent job with his early raiding. Taking out engineers early on is a big deal.

Rally points in your enemy’s base is a bad idea.

Scampers cannot attack air. So if your opponent has a bunch of bombers, you need to send patrols of fighters around or sprinkle in anti air bots.

Xefor had a beautiful base. It was wonderfully spread out. Very few, if any, clumps of important buildings. If a certain area was overwhelmed, who cares.

Xefor expanded a lot – which is what you need to do. However he over expanded himself because he didn’t have enough units to protect his expansions.