Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

This Planetary Annihilation match started out very slow, but picked up very quickly. Not only was this a very entertaining match, but it was also very educational. Some good lessons on economy from zaphodx, and some nice usage of unconventional tactics by flupp1. Unfortunately selecting and pathfinding alpha bugs kept on hurting zaphodx. The climax was incredible and is a testament to not giving up.

Lessons (spoilers)

Always keep an eye on your factories and engineers. Zaphodx had a positive economy and had a bunch of idol factories for much of the match.

flupp1 did an excellent job of using bots to quickly attack from the sides and out race the tanks that were trying to counter them. Which is actually one of my favorite tactics. 4 Levelers can also do a great job at this, as cola_colin has demonstrated.