Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An exciting close quarters Planetary Annihilation match. zaphodx has some economy struggles, early on but recovers, and tanks it again. Unfortunately pathfinding and selection glitches give him a disadvantage as some of his fabricators would randomly stop building – such is Alpha.

Lessons (spoilers)

Naval is very powerful due to the range and high damage. If you can obtain naval supremacy, you can park your frigates outside the range of their defenses and completely destroy their shoreline.

The commander is surprisingly good at raiding – provided you don’t overextend yourself. I have never seen a Commander escape with so little health. I’m curious to see how a commander/fabricator team would do at raiding. Use the commander to deal damage and fabricators to keep it alive.

Use bombers to take out your opponent’s backside economy.

Have bombers, T1 or T2, in reserve to support a failed raid, counter an unexpected attack, or take out a wounded or exposed commander.