Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another great Planetary Annihilation match from the guys from The Realm with great commentary, as always, from zaphodx. Some exciting commander fighting,

I find it interesting that certain techniques are often considered “lame.” It’s not like pelters are difficult to counter. I get Catapults being frowned upon due to their large range, pinpoint accuracy, and no anti-missile capabilities as of yet – but such is Alpha. But Pelters and Lobbers can be easily countered with a blitzkrieg attack or a couple of bombers since they have so little health. Also a little interesting that he ranted about “lame” tactics and then used catapults.

Lessons (spoilers)

Taking out fabricators during early game can really hurt your opponent.

Raid! With a single scout plane it’s easy to find some unguarded metal points. Taking out some metal spots can really hurt your opponent.

When bases expand up against each other, pelters are great for destroying your opponent’s base without taking losses.

If your opponent does turtle up, a mass of T2 bots can blitz through defenses with surprising effectiveness.