Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

It was a bummer when neptunio said he wouldn’t be commentating this Planetary Annihilation match, but I understand. It is difficult to commentate and play at the same time.

Some nice attempts at raiding by clopse with effective counters from neptunio. Great expansion by neptunio.

Lessons (spoilers)

A scout plane patrolling in a circle can make for a great impromptu/cheap radar.

Set rally points to whatever front you’re aggressing on or defending. It can save your butt.

Bombers are more effective against an Ant blob when the opposing ant blob is already engaged, so they’re shooting at your ants rather than the bombers overhead.

Even though the commander is the objective, sometimes it’s better to not attack the commander with your Ant blob. If you don’t have enough force to destroy the commander, instead it’s often better to invade and destroy the opponent’s base to cripple them so they can’t recover, rather than just having a damaged commander.