Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A fun Planetary Annihilation match on a large match. Some nice choke points with cracks and oceans resulting in some exciting fights. Some nice early air by burntcustard with nice usage of bombers and scouts. Very nice expansion moves by both players.

Great commentary, as always, from zaphodx.

Lessons (spoilers)

Vehicle fabricators can build factories across cracks. Can be a very useful tactic to get units on the other side of a long crack, and to separate your base incase part of it gets overwhelmed.

A few levelers hitting an unguarded side can cause lots of devastation and a great distraction.

20 ants attacking one side with 20 ants attacking another side is more effective than than 60 or even 80 units attacking one side.

Being the first to have a Leveler presence can make a big difference.

If you lose the land war, having a hidden air base building T2 bombers for a strike can give you an (unlikely) expected win. On the other hand, if you dominate the land war, surround your commander with anti-air so you don’t become a victim of a bomber snipe.