Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Quite the long Planetary Annihilation match. Unfortunately the length of the match caused wpmarshall to lower the resolution of the upload. Nevertheless, an exciting Planetary Annihilation match with lots of action, explosions, and more Nukes than I’ve ever seen in a Planetary Annihilation match thus far.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

More and more, the good players are placing Laser Defense Towers at economy expansion areas. Laser defense towers really are excellent structures. They have high damage and high health for their metal investment. Add a wall per tower and your defensive lines can soak up large amounts of units.

Players need to place more factories at their expansions. Excellent way to protect expansions, stage attacks on your opponent’s backside, and recover from losses. Similarly, a spread out economy is a great way to survive attacks and base losses.

Bumblebees (Bombers) are excellent for protecting from invasions. However, Ants are still excellent at taking out taking out aircraft. So only use bombers when the ants are distracted by other ground targets. Having bombers come in from the side or back of the attacking blob. However, unlike ants, Doxes cannot shoot at aircraft – but often Bumblebees will miss the fast moving bots.

Use terrain features like cracks, mountains, lakes, and plateaus to your advantage. Put up defensive structures and walls in choke points to more easily defend.

Nuclear Missile Launchers are excellent trump cards. Do everything you can to make sure your opponent’s don’t see that you’re building them. Similarly, the addition of nukes to Planetary Annihilation means late game scouting is more important than ever.

A Commander can withstand a single nuclear missile. In order to kill a Commander with Nukes, you must wound it with another missile or units.

Nukes can be a great way to protect against attacks that you cannot defend against. However, be careful to not destroy your base since Nuclear Missiles do not discriminate between sides.

If you’ve been nuked, try and pay attention to the missile trail. This can indicate which direction the missiles are coming from so you can attack and destroy the missiles. Also, build Anti-Nuke Launchers and keep your Commander under their protection.