Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another installation in Ikon Gaming’s Planetary Annihilation tournament. When I saw that these two were set to face off, I got pretty excited.

Interesting start from mceldowney. Having his first fabricator assist the bot factory rather than go straight for new metal spots.

I find it a little amusing how much mceldowney loves his bots.

I love how craters and other such marks on the terrain stick around in Planetary Annihilation. Makes the battlefield look awesome as the war rages on.

Excellent match overview after the match.

Lessons (spoilers)

Being attacked? Well, counter attack then!

ALWAYS have an expanding economy. mceldowney had a red economy for quite a long time and that really hurt him.

Nice move to put up turrets around the base. Makes raids a little more difficult.

mceldowney probably should have gone for T2 sooner. When you have a booming economy, go for it! T2 offensive units kick ass and the economy boost is also extremely helpful. Being the first one to go T2 really helps.

Don’t forget about Radar. It really gives your Levelers a boost and can provide lots of strategid. info.

Levelers are powerful units. Use buildings and T1 units as meat shields so they are as effective as possible.

This match really goes to show how effective vehicles are at steamrolling through an enemy base. And when you get large armies facing off against each other, vehicles really are the way to go.