Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An excellent Planetary Annihilation match between two very skilled players. Incredible expansion from both players. It’s simply amazing how these players are able to expand so much and attack on so many fronts. This match really goes to show how powerful Levelers are.

Lessons (spoilers)

Building factories on all sides of your base, particularly the back side, is incredibly helpful, if not absolutely important.

godde was losing the match, and was being way out produced, but godde’s T2 switch up and massive Leveler production turned everything around.

Build energy throughout the entirety of your base, so that way if you get attacked, you’re not completely screwed.

Being the first one to step up to T2 is very helpful, both in offensive units and economic production. If you do step up, it’s also often a good idea to not reveal the step up until you have a sizable T2 force to steamroll with. Just be careful not to step up to T2 too early, otherwise you’ll be out produced by your opponent.