Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another great Planetary Annihilation match with commentary for the first time from mceldowney. Contrasting strategies – turtle vs expansion.

Lessons (spoilers)

Black could have potentially done well with their early T2 start. But then they shot themselves in the foot by not doing anything but economy and defenses.

White should have gone T2 earlier. The match would have been over a lot sooner if they had used Levelers or Shellers or Stompers or something.

For that first harassment, They should have taken out the T2 factory first. Black would have been completely lost without that T2 factories.

You can’t win by turtling against someone who expands across the whole map. They will out produce you and nukes aren’t devastating when you have several other bases to fall back on.

If you’re facing someone who turtles hardcore, invest in Shellers (T2 mobile artillery vehicles) or Stompers (T2 mobile artillery bots). They’ll shred defensive lines without taking any losses.

White should have gone naval. They could have destroyed a large portion of black’s base with Bluebottles and without taking any losses.