Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

I say this every time, but oh well. Planetary Annihilation’s army game type is excellent. The coordination, expanded economy, increased amount of explosions… it’s amazing.

Lessons (spoilers)

When your base is next to a lake or ocean, it is incredibly important to control the lake/ocean. It’s naturally protected metal, so you’re likely to not lose it. And controlling the lake keeps your opponent from building ships and bombarding your shoreline base.

For army matches, when scouting it is important to keep track of commanders. Sure, you found a base, but are all of your opponent’s commanders there? If they aren’t all there, then your opponent has another base(s) elsewhere that you need to find.

Proxy bases right outside of your opponents’ base can be a very effective distraction and even cause damage. Their opponents were focused on fighting the proxy base and taking losses going up against defense structures – and while that was happening, their mane base was completely untouched.

Don’t forget, Pelters, Lobbers, and Catapults all need radar to operate outside of their vision.

It takes 2 nukes to kill a commander. In army matches, make sure your commanders aren’t within a nuke’s explosion radius of each other. If your commanders do get nuked, repair them and relocate them!