Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another addition to the 2v2 Army Planetary Annihilation tournament. Lots of aggressive commander usage with lots of action and explosions.

Thankfully OathAlliance has fixed his video quality.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Another instance of Commanders starting separate and their opponent’s starting together. Cola_Colin is an extremely experienced player and very good at expanding extremely quickly, so this strategy may work better for him than it would for other players. Offensive Commanders always need support from both Fabricators and Units.

Very nice commander micro by Gunshin/Cola_Colin fending off the two attacking Commanders. If he had more Fabricators repairing the commander he very likely could have survived the two pronged attack from orange.

Very nice counter attack from pink with their Commander when they realized Orange’s main base was un defended. The Commander really is an extremely powerful unit against Basic units. Doesn’t do so well against Advanced units.

Orange should have not built so many Hummingbirds and should have built Bumblebees instead.

Don’t forget Commanders can heal themselves.

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