Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another exciting addition to the 2v2 Planetary Annihilation tournament. The action took some time to kick off, but when it did, the action picked up. Very back and forth exciting match.

Unfortunately, some very underhanded glitch exploitation from Oath Alliance and Lokthar from Ballistic Logistics. If I was a ref, I would have dis-qualified them.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

In army matches, most players tend to start together. However, if two spawn points are close, this tends to also be an excellent strategy. The commanders can still assist in defense, but it also allows for more map control.

Both teams did a great job of building Factories around the planet.

Great job from green to build Naval Factories in the large ocean to claim metal and control shorelines. A well established naval fleet can cause lots of problems for an opponent – particularly once you get Advanced Naval going. If you don’t have a fleet, bombers are the best counter. White really should have built lots of bombers and they could have destroyed the entire navy without any losses.

White did a good job of turtling just long enough to build up a large unit force and then attacking with it.

Neither team did much scouting late game. Which was a major problem.

If your base is along a shoreline, you simply must control that body of water. Naval simply does too much damage over too great a range.

Late game, always make sure your Commander(s) are protected.

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