Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Having to pull from the archives for this Planetary Annihilation match as I haven’t been receiving as many submissions as usual of late. A primarily water planet should provide some some unique gameplay, right? Well, it certainly is unique in that, in that a naval oriented planet had very little naval action.

Pink could have won at several points except pink pulled back their bombers.

Lessons (spoilers)

Commanders who are being healed by fabricators can give and take a lot of damage. You have to take out the fabricators or use a crap ton of units.

On a primarily water planet, it’s absolutely critical that you control the seas. The best way to do that is with naval units.

T2 bombers are quite the trump card. Don’t reveal that you have them until it’s absolutely necessary.

If you pick up a large cluster of air units sitting around, they’re likely bombers. Prepare accordingly.

Always have fighter escorts with your bombers and ALWAYS scout before bringing in your bombers. Pink could have dealt a killing blow by destroying one commander and half of blue base if they had just scouted.

Blue could have easily dominated by building more naval units, particularly T2 naval units.

If you initiate an air attack – you cannot back out. If you pull your air units back like pink did, they’ll bank, and get completely destroyed – like what happened.