Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another great Planetary Annihilation match. A great challenge for the guys. Some fantastic early bot raiding, really hurting the opponent during the opening. Nice job by white to rally and protect early on. Both sides expanded very nicely which supported massive amounts of units which make for amazing large scale fights with lots of glorious explosions.

I really like how this duo keeps on swapping roles to get better and trying out new strategies.

Lessons (spoilers)

Late game scouting is important so you know where they’re expanding to and don’t get hit by a surprise attack on an unguarded blank. Which white did a good job of hitting all sides of black’s base. Far reaching radar coverage or patrolling scouts are important when your opponent keeps on attacking different sides of your base.

Great job by spliting up his attacking force so the defender has a harder time countering the attack and he covers more of the enemy base, causing more destruction.

For some reason the guys weren’t using rally points on their factories this match. Rally points are very helpful for massing your forces.

It was also strange – they had economy issues, but they left unclaimed metal spots in the middle of their base. They were ripe for some T2 metal spots.

Playing an army match and about to be overwhelmed by an attacking army? Send in your commander as a nuke!