Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A rough start, but that’s sometimes how the random generated nature of Planetary Annihilation. I know Uber is working on making sure that spawns are fair. Certainly was a small map.

Very nice micro.

Thanks for the shoutout guys!

Lessons (spoilers)

Very nice job hitting from two sides at once with bots to draw the army around.

Patrolling fighters are the best way to take out bombers.

Very nice flanking by depthy and gabrahamsook. mceldowney and judicatorofgenocide’s late start really hurt, but red’s lack of going T2 saved green.

They were working on their economy, but they were focusing on energy without really expanding their metal, but then again, they couldn’t expand too much without running into the enemy on that small planet – so that’s a tricky situation. Maybe they should have expanded to water metal? Having some naval units would have completely destroyed their shoreline. They definitely should have worked on expanding their metal late game. They also could have reclaimed a lot of wrecks, but that’d require a lot of time consuming micro. Definitely was a difficult situation they were in.

Red probably focused too much on defensive towers rather than units.