Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A very exciting Planetary Annihilation match. The pair are going for a new air harassment strategy and switching roles – lots of stuff to be learned from this Planetary Annihilation match.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of air. In other RTS games I would tend to heavily use air and I’ve been curious to see how air power plays out in Planetary Annihilation.

This match certainly wasn’t mceldowney and judicatorofgenocide’s finest Planetary Annihilation match, but entertaining and educational nonetheless.

Tangent – Planetary Annihilation’s music is amazing.

Lessons (spoilers)

Ant blob getting strafed by bots that won’t die? Split up your Ant blob.

If you have bombers – you NEED to protect them with fighters of your own.

Scout!!! Unguarded metal deposits are amazing targets.

Bots seem to be very vulnerable to bombers.

Air harassment sounds great, but since it’s so easy to take out bombers, it doesn’t seem to be a good main strategy. Very nice move by orange to send in fighters to take out those unguarded bombers.

If orange had put more into units than defensive structures, constant harassment would have likely taken out white.

Catapults seem to be very buggy right now and the missiles tend to run into buildings and hills, rendering them useless.

Once again, this match shows us that relying on catapults, lobbers, and pelters to win won’t win the match.