Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A nice Planetary Annihilation match. I wish OathAlliance would be more proactive in combat. Combat is the part we all want to see – not economic expansion.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

This match goes to show the strength of proxy bases as well as late game scouting. Always be scouting! Fireflies only cost 135 metal. An un-assisted Air Factory can make a Firefly in 9 seconds. One Metal Extractor can produce enough metal for a Firefly in under 20 seconds. In other words – there’s no reason not to late game scout. It’s very helpful.

Don’t build all of your energy in one place. Spread it out. Put it at your proxy bases. Losing a base needs to be no big deal. If a match stretches on past 45 minutes, armies get huge, and losing a large chunk of your base can easily happen. It’s important that such a loss doesn’t put you out of the game.

They had a pretty negative economy for quite some time. When your economy is as negative as it was, they need to stop building factories, stop some of their factories, and focus very heavily on getting their economy back on track. I do like how they use Advanced Economy buildings though. Not enough Planetary Annihilation players step up to Advanced Metal Extractors. And then, they had a very positive economy. When you have a positive economy, build more fabricators and factories. Or make sure all of your factories are building.

When you see enemy buildings that can be game changers, like Lobbers, Catapults, or Nuclear Missile Launchers, they need to be priority targets.

Not sure what Orange was doing – they desperately needed to attack and raid.

If you have bombers – you need fighters. Bombers can be completely demolished by enemy fighters since they’re defenseless.

Scout before you nuke.