Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An interesting Planetary Annihilation army match with the teammates starting on the opposite sides of the planet. Generally, for 2v2 army matches, players want to start next to each other, allowing more effective defense, even though starting separate grants more map control. Starting in separate locations doesn’t tend to be very viable until you have 4 or more Commanders.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

They had a massively positive economy – and weren’t using it. As you expand your economy, be sure to expand your production value along with it.

Always make sure your Commander is always building as it uses the least amount of energy of any other fabricators – by far. Other fabricators use 100 – 200 energy per metal, while the Commander uses 50 energy per metal. If anything, have your Commander assist a factory or something. Anti-air towers is also a good use of its time during late game.

Spread out your energy production. Especially your Advanced Energy Plants. If you get attacked, you don’t want to successfully fend off the attack, only to have no power production left.

Pelters and Lobbers are helpful defensive structures. However, they don’t have any tracking capabilities. If they fire at a moving unit, they will miss. Artillery are only effective against buildings, or large blobs of units where they hit a different unit, other than their intended target. Since pelters can be built quickly by a group of engineers, the “Pelter Creep” is a common tactic. When paired with laser turrets and pelters, such a defensive line can be a force to be reckoned with. Lobbers, have massive range, so they can be very helpful structures when your base is close to your opponent. If you’re being bombarded by these structures, bombing raids are very effective aginst them since they don’t have much health.