Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A great Planetary Annihilation match with some great Planetary Annihilation players from The Realm. This Lava planet looks kick ass. The fog of war gives the planet a very ominous feel.

Fantastic spawn points for a three way army match. All three players spawned next to each other – kinda like a pie chart. So they all have areas to expand to and none of them are sandwiched.

Some unfortunate bugs. Units getting stuck, and UI crashes. Such is Alpha. Beta is almost here though!

Unfortunately the match drug on towards the end and finished with a (very funny) game of “find the Commander.”

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Commanders are powerful early match units. They have lots of health and lots of damage. They can move in, deal lots of damage, and move out without dying. And when you’re playing Army, the downside to losing a commander is lessened.

Long build queues are your best friend. The more you don’t have to worry about your fabricators stopping expanding, the better. This allows you to focus on combat, while your fabricators are expanding your economy and production power.

I like how Petard uses turrets and walls liberally (aside from him not following Gentleman’s Rules). Having lots of layers of turrets and walls makes attacking your base much harder to attack. However, it could be argued that he builds too many. Unfortunately, most of the defensive buildings he built were built on the wrong side of their base.

Communication and coordination is very important in Planetary Annihilation Army matches.

In the Army game type, expansion is much faster and strong economies are much easier to obtain. Therefore, Advanced vehicles and buildings are much easier to obtain. Go for them sooner, and expect them sooner.

Very nice job sniping the nuke with the Hornet.

Anti-nukes are very important, and often overlooked. Their range is fairly small, about twice the size of a laser defense tower, but can save the match. They’ll also intercept nukes that fly past them, not just nukes that hit just within their defense radius. They’re excellent for keeping your commander from being double nuked and for keeping your nuclear missile launcher alive.

Expansion is necessary. Yes, it is risky, but it’s necessary in order to have the production to fund the offensive capabilities of massive Planetary Annihilation armies. Keep in mind, it only takes 43 seconds of metal production for a Metal Extractor to produce more metal than it took to make it. So if you can keep the metal extractor alive for more than 43 seconds, the expansion was worth it.