Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A pretty quick 2v2 Planetary Annihilation army match. The action started early and was pretty constant throughout the entirety of the match. Sometimes a little challenging to keep track of things without pole lock, but not too bad.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Getting your economy started during a Planetary Annihilation match is a challenge. You can build more faster. It’s very different than single player matches. What’s more, having 2 Commanders in an army match is very different than having, 3, 4 or 5.

ZaphodX did a great job of keeping the raiding constant and very annoying.

The match does a good job of showing the usefulness of Radar. They noticed a large attack force coming in before the attack got there.

Nice strategic loss of a Commander. They lost one commander in exchange for defeating their opponent’s army, allowing ZaphodX to send in his army and did a lot of damage because of it.

When the game is fairly even and either team could win, damaging the Economy and Production Power is much better than doing damage to a commander – especially if you won’t kill it.