Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A fun 2v2 Planetary Annihilation match, despite the girly colors. Army matches are always my favorite. Some very nice raiding

Lessons (spoilers)

When raiding, attacking two different sides is extremely effective. It’s also effective to not attack the same side twice during early raiding.

When expanding, building a handful of factories on your opponent’s backside can provide an excellent staging point. It’ll allow you to hit their unguarded backside. It’ll also allow a great opportunity to hit from two sides at once.

Late game scouting is important. Find those unguarded expansions for some great raiding. This can tip the scales if you’re being out produced.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it. Always have your commander keep building. He’s more efficient at building than regular fabricators.

When attacking, pause outside your opponent’s base without being spotted so your units can blob up again so they aren’t picked off one by one. This is just a temporary strategy due to Planetary Annihilation being in Alpha.

If you’re being out produced, the best thing you can do isn’t focusing on defense, but instead focus on raiding to cut down on their production so you don’t continue to get out produced. Going for an air raid is also a good tactic.

If you’re going for a bombing snipe, particularly with the slow hornets, use fighters as an escort. They can intercept incoming fighters and be used as a meat shield for anti air.