Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Part 1 of this Planetary Annihilation match. Watch Part 2 here.

An amazing Planetary Annihilation match. Very large map – excellent for some large economies for large armies. wpmarshall and ghostflux did a fantastic job of keeping their economy perfectly balanced at the beginning of the match. Very excited to see some T2 bot action – I love watching new tactics in action.

Pro tip. If you build several rows of solid walls around your base, you are a tool and you will loose. Turtling will always lose to expansion as they’ll out produce the turtle and overwhelm the defenses.

Lessons (spoilers)

Good move from wpmarshall to put up a wall/turret/anti-air turret at their metal expansions. Helps with defense and keeps you from losing expansions to fabricators or 3 tanks.

ghostflux and wpmarshall had a very positive economy for too long. If you have 50+ positive metal, then you’re not building enough. Build more factories and build more units.

On large maps, radar coverage is very helpful for watching your base.