Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Part 1 of this Planetary Annihilation match. Watch Part 2 here.

An amazing Planetary Annihilation match. Very large map – excellent for some large economies for large armies. wpmarshall and ghostflux did a fantastic job of keeping their economy perfectly balanced at the beginning of the match. Very excited to see some T2 bot action – I love watching new tactics in action.

Planetary AnnihilationPro Tip. If you build several rows of solid walls around your base, you are a tool and you will loose. No one likes tools who wall spam. Turtling will always lose to expansion as they’ll out produce the turtle and overwhelm the defenses.

Lessons (spoilers)

Good move from wpmarshall to put up a wall/turret/anti-air turret at their metal expansions. Helps with defense and keeps you from losing expansions to fabricators or 3 tanks.

ghostflux and wpmarshall had a very positive economy for too long. If you have 50+ positive metal, then you’re not building enough. Build more factories and build more units. Or build lots of storage.

On large maps, radar coverage is very helpful for watching your base.

Good move by black to send in fighters to cover their bombers – though it was ultimitely fruitless due to the enormous amount of anti-air purple had.