Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

The army game type in Planetary Annihilation is awesome. I cannot wait to see how this changes the real time strategy genre. Games are going to be massive and epic. It will be awesome.

I love seeing new commentators posting videos and I was pleasantly surprised by mceldowney. Most commentators aren’t that great at commentating Planetary Annihilation matches, let alone playing. Great communication and coordination by mceldowney and judicatorofgenocide. Looking forward to see the two play more in the future. These two players did a great job at playing and commentating – good job providing tips. I like their after action review.

Lessons (spoilers)

Bombers are great defensive units. Suddenly get attacked on an unguarded flank? Send in bombers to thin them out while your defensive units get into place.

Bots are fast, and difficult to hit by vehicles. Keep them moving in a strafing direction and you can take out a lot of ants.

While Planetary Annihilation is still in Alpha, so this is subject to change, it seems that bots are excellent against units and vehicles are great against bases.

These two were vulnerable to sniping. They should have had patrolling fighters.

There were several points late in the match that really showed the importance of radar. Levelers can shoot farther than they can see. If you have radar coverage, your army will be MUCH more effective.

Brilliant move by mceldowney to split his army when he destroyed the first brown commander. Saved half his army and allowed him to keep pushing.