Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

The new Planetary Annihilation metal planets look kick ass. The pathfinding is pretty buggy due to all the different crevices and structures sticking up off the map.

Some fun three way engagements, which is a little unusual – but fun.

Lessons (spoilers)

Metal planets are rather different than other planet types. Their strange structures create some great choke points that call for different strategies than other planet types. For example, the bottom and tops of the planets can’t be traversed by ground units. This can be used very nicely for defense. This is also where air fabricators can be helpful as they can build economy buildings over there. Take those metal spots and even build energy plants on the poles to keep your economy safer.

Use choke points to your advantage! A couple of laser turrets with walls can make attacking difficult for your opponent.

It was strange how Xefor had so much map control, and not many units. He must have had a very positive economy and not enough factories. Or inactive factories, or something.

Don’t send your commander off into the middle of nowhere. It won’t end well.