Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An interesting Planetary Annihilation match with island based combat. I really enjoy watching island based games simply because not many matches are played on these maps. Unfortunately, Naval is broken, but still very good at shore bombardment – though not many people seem to use them. T2 navy’s range is incredible

Lessons (spoilers)

If brown had a reasonable anti-air protection, blue would have lost the match.

Blue should have made a naval factory. Naval can, and will, dominate small islands. The only thing that saved him was the fact that he had already expanded to another island. It was strange that he didn’t start building naval after he was completely destroyed by a strong navy. And if anything, it gives you access to water metal spots.

But then blue just stayed on that small island and didn’t expand much, or very quickly. Major mistake.

Don’t send bombers in without fighter escorts.

Expand! Blue wasn’t expanding his economy, leaving yellow to expand over his huge island and all over the other islands. If yellow hadn’t have turtled and had actually expanded – there’s no way blue could have won. Or if yellow had expanded in T1 or T2 fighters, blue couldn’t have won.

What’s more, blue had a positive economy for too long. Blue should have built more factories – particularly naval factories.