Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another great Planetary Annihilation match from iampetard. iampetard got caught between two opponents, creating a fun challenge for him. Thankfully one of the players was a major turtle.

Lessons (spoilers)

Always have anti-nuke defense.

Always keep an eye on your economy! iampetard had a negative economy for a while and didn’t expand much at all. blue did an incredible job of expanding but didn’t produce as many units as he could and should have.

Don’t forget to scout late game! You need to know where your opponent is at all times. Especially if you’re fighting multiple opponents at one time.

When scouting and raiding, there’s several things you need to pay close attention to. Does he have T2 air? Air fabricators? If so, spam anti-air. Does he have a nuke launcher? Then put up anti-nukes. Does he have T2? If so, you need to step up to T@ and increase the harassment as he has become a major threat.

Repair your commander! It’s ridiculous how many experienced players leave their commander at low health and VERY vulnerable.