Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another great Planetary Annihilation match. The new Lava planets look really cool and ominous – even without actual lava on the surface.

Sheesh blue and black started out really close to each other – especially for such a large map. When starting out that close, pelters are helpful, as is some early aggression with your commander.

The badass fabricator that took out a Sheller.

Lessons (spoilers)

Bahahahahahaha. Giving your opponent a choice to choose his own death.

I really like that forward base WPMarshall made that forward base with defensive towers, Pelters, and factories. Great staging area. Vulnerable, but very helpful. Unfortunately he didn’t really do anything with it and lost it.

The best anti-air defense, hands down, are fighters. They’re helpful for defending your base, defending, offensive ground pushes, and protecting bombing runs. Very versatile, and simply the best ant shooting down incoming bombers.

Radar! Players seem to forget about radar. It can really save your butt by alerting you to an incoming attack.

WPMarshall had a massively positive economy, and lots of idle factories. Never a good combo. It’s important that you always keep an eye on your economy, and if it is positive, build more! Make sure your factories are building and/or build more factories.

Nukes can be used for more than taking out an enemy base. If there’s a large incoming army, a nuke can be a great way to take out your incoming opponent without any losses. Generally it’s a good idea to fire nukes at multiple areas, not just at the same spot.

“Is that enough bombers?” No.

Wow. A large blob of Scampers is incredibly effective. They’re so fast they can blitz past defenses.