Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Like usual, a very exciting Planetary Annihilation match. With this many players in a close quarters capacity, there’s a heck of a lot of explosions. A surprisingly large amount of usage of Shellers, to great effect. Some interesting meta gaming, with temporary ceasefires to deal with mutual enemies. If you get almost completely taken out, don’t count yourself out – you can make a difference.

Man, Planetary Annihilation is a beautiful game.

Very nice commentary from wpmarshall. He’s getting really good at the freecam view making for some gorgeous matches. Be sure to check out wpmarshall’s Planetary Annihilation commentary – very worth watching.

Lessons (spoilers)

Ants make surprisingly good scouts. The Ant’s slow speed mean they’re only really effective on close quarters maps.

Pelters are very effective in close quarters matches. Can cut back on enemy intel and expansion, and do a large amount of damage.

This match goes to show how expansion is so much more effective than turtling.

Very nice usage of vehicles & bots combos by oxide246. Shows how bots can be effective when used properly.

Bad luck spawn by oxide246. He got caught in-between two players, which really hampered his expansion.

Shellers are really effective at taking down bases. Weak against units, but good against bases. So very situational, but effective when used correctly. However, when micro-ing, they do a pretty good job at taking out attacking units, provided you keep your shellers falling back and out of range.

Commander snipes are effective, but easy to counter with a little bit of anti-air – so don’t rely entirely on sniping.