Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

This was a very enjoyable Planetary Annihilation match due to the heavy naval usage – thankfully the naval units weren’t very buggy this time. Some nice sniping by sneakyness along with some nice (albeit overkill) anti-air from dancinferret.

All in all, it was very fun to watch some uncommon tactics win, even though they were ultimately destroyed by a large Leveler/Ant force. I would have been very curious to see what would have happened if sneakyness had built up more of an army.

Lessons (spoilers)

T2 structures and units are very powerful, but don’t blitz too early to T2 or you’ll get overwhelmed. If sneakyness had been attacked by even a small size land force early on he would have been easily destroyed.

Expand expand expand! Sneakyness did a good job tailoring his units to the situation at hand and decisively took control of his pond, but lost the entire match because he wouldn’t expand outside his shell, despite his several kills. In the long run, high production value will always beat a strong turtle shell.

Despite naval units being under developed and buggy as of Alpha v.50742, they are still very powerful and their massive range can devastate a shoreline.