Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A fun 5 way FFA Planetary Annihilation with some temporary alliances. The video was very choppy, so not the best match video.

wpmarshall and iampetard had a truce for most of the match, which was majorly unfortunate for the other players. However, when the truce ended, the clash was epic with tons of explosions.

Poor yellow. It was his first Planetary Annihilation match.

If someone is wall spamming, don’t stoop to their level! If they’re spamming walls, likely they aren’t very skilled at Planetary Annihilation and you can beat them anyways.

lessons (spoilers)

wpmarshall (blue) should have gone for naval and take control of the lake. Even just two battleships can absolutely wreck havoc on the shore and would have destroyed red.

wpmarshall did a good job preparing for the end of the truce. He put up lots of defensive structures in his base that

Being bombarded by Catapults? Spam out walls. The Catapults will target the walls and leave your important stuff alone.

Don’t forget about anti-air and late game scouting.

If you form a temporary alliance in a FFA – be ready for the back stab. Possibly build build up a wall of defenses inbetween you and the alliance so you can be ready for the inevitable fight. If you want to be super diabolical, You could build a bunch of catapults in range of their base, but don’t quite finish them. Then when the truce ends, finish them and unleash a flurry of missiles!

In a FFA, if someone gets annihilated, go get their metal!