Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Planetary Annihilation army matches are awesome. Am I a broken record yet?

Watch the chat in this match. Interesting teamwork failures. I guess they were new and/or didn’t know each other. One of them left really early.

Interesting choice starting apart. I’ve seen people win and lose when starting apart and together. Still don’t know which strategy is better. Likely there isn’t a better one, just advantages and disadvantages to either.

I love the after match reviews mceldowney does. Planetary Annihilation’s Chrono Cam is so awesome.

Suicide commander rushing is a dick move.

Lessons (spoilers)

Pelters are nice – but completely useless when undefended. Always surround your pelters with units or defenses. However, if your bases are close, having the first pelters up give you a huge advantage. If your opponent gets pelters up first, try and rush before their defenses get too hardened. Otherwise they’ll likely walk pelters forward and dominate your bosses without any losses. Catapults can be a nice counter to pelters. Don’t forgo your unit production in favor of defensive towers.

If you have a positive economy, build more factories!

While Blue did fairly well, they didn’t expand.